Care2Share, Miami Valley?!

What’s the Concept?  How does it work?

Just this past spring, MVNC launched Care2Share, Miami Valley?! whereby nonprofits share, at no charge, unneeded items (furniture, office supplies, program materials, etc.) with other nonprofits.  There is no cost to participate – just offer what you have, ask for what you need.  Hopefully, unneeded/unwanted items are put to good use in another local nonprofit!

How do I offer or request items?

Simply email us at with item information.  Details will help a lot (i.e. number of items available, dimensions, where they could be picked up, photos if possible.) Be sure to include your name, email and/or phone so interested parties can contact you.  We’ll then post this information on this website, as well as promote at our gatherings and events.  If the timing is right, we’ll even include them in our monthly eblast communication.

Here’s What’s Available!

  • Hannah’s Treasure Chest has 2 standing wardrobe pieces. Contact Leslie at

Here’s What’s Needed

  • Project READ is happy to receive donated books for both children and adults for youth tutoring, GED and ESOL classes.  Contact Lorie at
  • Crayons to Classrooms is in need of blank checks, checkbook covers and registers for teachers to use in classrooms for financial literacy.
  • Crayons to Classrooms welcomes old dot matrix paper to make journals for the kids.  Contact Dave at

It’s Working!

With the many donations we receive, at times we are given items we are unable to use in our Teacher Resource Center.  MVNC has been a tremendous help for us in finding a home for these items, that would otherwise be thrown in the dumpster.  It is great to know there is a local outlet like this, and to be able to help other non-profit agencies in the process.” ~ Dave Hargrove, Operations Manager, Crayons to Classrooms