Redefining the Business Model

The Miami Valley Nonprofit Collaborative (MVNC) was designed to communicate, coordinate and create resources that build the capacity of local nonprofits.  Rather than being a single person, place or center, the Collaborative consists of a network of organizations and professionals who volunteer their time, talents and other assets toward this effort, ensuring that our services are always affordable & accessible, regardless of a nonprofit’s size or budget. 

Along with serving as the nonprofit community’s hub for information, resources and referrals, it is committed to identifying and addressing the unmet training and professional development needs of our local nonprofit community.  

Our Purpose is 3-fold:

To COMMUNICATE accessible, affordable resources that support area nonprofits.

To CONVENE nonprofit professionals to network, share best practices, and foster relationships, encouraging nonprofits to learn together and support one another.

To CREATE high quality, yet affordable training & leadership development opportunities, largely unavailable to nonprofit professionals in our community due to cost.

Thanks to our partner, the Better Business Bureau Miami Valley, for creating our new promotional video, you can view more about us below!