Our Story

“You are doing great work. MVNC has become quite robust in its offerings.”  ~ Peter Benkendorf, Founder & Catalyst, The Collaboratory

With a huge heart for and professional expertise in training & leadership development through 20+ years in human resource management, it was easy for Jenny to see, once entering our sector, the lack of availability of professional training for nonprofit professionals.  The kinds of high quality, professional training she’d had access to, and learned to deliver, was simply not affordable for local agencies.

Along with partners in the BBB, SCORE, Dayton Metro Library, WSU Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and the Life Enrichment Center, Jenny saw first-hand out how hungry nonprofit professionals were for opportunities to network and convene to learn, share, grow, explore and partner. 

Armed only with a rolodex of business cards for contacts, an excel spreadsheet for registration, a new Gmail account for email, and a partner willing to offer space for free, the invitation went out in early 2015 for the first networking gathering. Little did Jenny expect for over 80 attendees to show up at the door that winter morning.  For only $5 for breakfast prepared by the Findlay Street Café, attendees heard a fabulous panel of nonprofits share their experiences in setting up micro-businesses and asked for more!  Just a week later, the partners convened over lunch and, by the end of that day, the group had a name, a Facebook presence, and a date on the calendar for the next gathering. 

Not quite 3 years later, over 1,200 individuals have attended 28 events, programs have expanded from networking gatherings to professional training workshops and leadership development cohort experiences, churches, schools and government agencies have joined the gatherings, and nearly 850 subscribe to our monthly e-blast communications.

Our redefined business model has worked.  The commitment of MVNC and our partners is stronger than ever to continue to serve our community of agencies that serve others. 

We invite you to join us!  Subscribe to our newsletter, connect with other like-minded professionals, learn in a community of service providers, and support one another’s efforts. In community, we can all be stronger.