Our Partners

Life Enrichment Center

The Life Enrichment Center works to fill the gaps in resources and support for local nonprofit organizations by making use of its demonstrated holy currencies, or assets, other than just financial – time and physical space, gracious leadership, truth, relationships/collaborations, health & wellness and money.

Affordable Meeting and Catering Services – The Life Enrichment Center makes available its plentiful community space, parking, and full service catering services to both nonprofit agencies, faith-based organizations, and government entities alike that are looking to gather, network, share resources and explore partnership with one another.  For more information, contact Lori Simms Parks at ldi@daytonlec.org or visit http://www.daytonlec.org/catering_meeting_space/

Nonprofit Incubator – The Life Enrichment Center houses a number of existing nonprofits under its roof, making it the ideal Incubator for new agencies to develop and grow while sharing resources and infrastructure support to minimize overhead.

Service Learning – The cross-sector network of nonprofits, government, school, local business and community organizations make the LEC an ideal local for service learning for high school, college and adult students alike.

Leadership Development – Through its partner professionals, the LEC offers leadership and career development trainings and coaching for nonprofit professionals, as well as Missional Ministries and Holy Currencies training for churches.

Volunteerism/Servant Leadership – The Life Enrichment Center broadens its impact on our community and its individuals with the number of volunteers it engages in its mission, demonstrating the concept of Servant Leadership.  It offers training and coaching to others on employing this approach.

Dayton Metro Library

The mission of the Nonprofit & Grants Center is to Build Knowledge for a Stronger Nonprofit Community.  Established 30 years ago, it is affiliated with the Foundation Center in New York.  Free and accessible to the public, it connects nonprofits with trustworthy sources of information and expert advice, locally and nationally.  Most questions are answered the same day.

Sessions include:

  • Monthly Nonprofit Lunches, 90-minute programs with changing speakers and topics, 10 times/year.
  • Core 90 minute introductory courses on Fundraising, Grant Writing, Grant Research, and much more.
  • The new library, opening in 2017, will feature a 299-seat auditorium, multiple classrooms and meeting rooms (available to nonprofits), and a highly visible Nonprofit Center of Excellence where webinars, small group sessions and consultations can be held.

Its resources include:

  • 400 new or recent books cover many aspects of nonprofit management, including the new “AFP Expert Collection”.
  • Access to Foundation Directory Online Professional for grant research.
  • Monthly enewsletter and website are being improved (the goal is to share tips, ideas and opportunities—not just to advertise library programs).

Better Business Bureau

According to Princeton Survey Research Associates, 70% of donors find it difficult to tell whether or not a soliciting charity is legitimate. Your Better Business Bureau’s Charity Accreditation offers free accreditation in relationship to a charity’s governance & oversight; measurable effectiveness; finances as well as fundraising and informational materials. A BBB charity accreditation enables a charity to demonstrate to donors and clients they meet comprehensive Standards for Charity Accountability through a BBB Charity Report as well as an online BBB giving guide at www.bbb.org.

In addition, a charity that earns its BBB accreditation is eligible to participate in BBB’s Charity Seal Program. This program provides charities with a widely recognized and meaningful way to demonstrate their commitment to accountability and ethical practices.

Visit BBB Charities & Donors and contact your BBB about a free charity accreditation or the Charity Seal Program at (937) 222-1534 or info@dayton.bbb.org.

Dayton SCORE for Non-Profits 

The Dayton SCORE Non-Profit Program is called: “WE CARE about the Success of Non-Profit Organizations”.  Dayton SCORE has a committee of dedicated members to help small non-profit organizations increase their capacity and operate similar to a small business.

The committee investigated the needs of non-profit organizations and created a three part program starting with the first step being an Organizational Assessment for Staff members and Boards to review their current status.   The second step of the program is a series of six workshops which address basic organizational needs:  Strategic Planning, Board Development, Financial Management, Fundraising, Volunteer Management and Marketing – all directed to non-profit organizations.    The third step is specific mentoring for organizations at their request.

Wright State University Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Wright State University is the only university in Ohio to offer the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) program which offers both an undergraduate and graduate certificate in nonprofit administration that enable students to become a Certified Nonprofit Professional, CNP.   The Wright State NLA student organization (offers professional development, contacts in the nonprofit community, opportunities to serve and learn, local workshops, internships, a national meeting, and nationally recognized certification for both college students of WSU and working professionals alike.

Miami Valley Nonprofit Job Postings Page

The Miami Valley Nonprofit Job Postings Facebook page is exclusively for posting job opportunities available within Miami Valley nonprofit organizations. Any professional is welcome to join, but opportunities should be limited to nonprofit organizations, government offices, higher education facilities and similar community service organizations. Anyone may join, (over 3000 already have!) but abuse of the group will result in removal.